Integrated SharePoint Development, Inc.

Integrated SharePoint Development, Inc. (ISD) is a technology consulting company centered around the development of Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) solutions.
ISD began developing SharePoint Solutions since the inception of SharePoint and we have accumulated and developed a intricate and detailed skill set allowing us to become experts in providing SharePoint solutions for our customers.

Through logical and conceptual design, ISD will be able to move your business to a platform where all your documents data can be shared, in a central location, thus dramatically increasing efficiency and manageability within the organization.

At ISD we like to call this "SharePointizing" your business. At ISD our SharePoint Solutions go far and beyond standard SharePoint features such as:

* Document Libraries

* Contacts

* Calendars

* Tasks

* Issue Tracking

* Discussion Boards

* Surveys

ISD solutions offer you a lot more and our team will take you to the next level by customizing solutions and automating processes:

Some of the additional features we offer:

* Workflow Design

* Alerts Integration

* Document Expiry Solutions

* Content Approval Solutions

* Advanced and Customized Search Solutions

* Advanced Form and View Creation

* Customized SharePoint Designer Development

Whether you are looking for a basic portal to share documents and contacts or an advanced customized application, ISD can help.